Swansea Injury Forum

When: September 17-20, 2010

Where: Swansea University, Swansea, United Kingdom

The links from this page describe the outcome of these meetings as they relate with work in Africa, the broader GBD Injury efforts, the ICD11 development, and the ICE on Injury Statistics agenda. For more details on the proceedings of the aspects of the meeting that related with the Injury ICE, please contact Lois Fingerhut (lafingerhut@gmail.com) and for ICD-11, please contact James Harrison (james.harrison@flinders.edu.au).

Meeting Notes

Please click here for a full report of the Swansea Injury Forum meetings.


The meeting was made possible by core support from the World Health Organization and help from a number of Welsh organisations, including: the St David’s Medical Foundation, the School of Medicine, Swansea University, Public Health Wales NHS Trust, Children in Wales and the Thematic Research network for emergency UnScheduled and Trauma Care (TRUST). Support from the Violence and Injury Prevention program of the World Health Organization and the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility enabled the participation of twenty researchers and officials from low and middle income countries (LMICs), while CDC's National Center for Health Statistics sponsors the scientific coordination of the International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics.